Justin is a teacher of ancestral Jewish wisdom, an innovative scholar of Jewish thought, a translator of ancient ideas, and a farmer. Joining together his passion for Jewish learning with a humble approach to facilitating meaningful personal growth, Justin offers access to ancient wisdom adaptable to our current day.

Currently serving as Scholar-in-Residence at Yesod Farm+Kitchen - a small regenerative farm on 16 acres of ancestral Cherokee and Catawba land in Western NC - Justin has been deepening relationships with ancestral Jewish wisdom, teaching students of all ages for over 20 years. Being a legacy of adaptation and a heritage of evolutionary thinking, Justin believes deeply in the power of ancestral Jewish wisdom to be a source of positive influence in our lives and in the world whether or not an individual may identify themselves as a Jewish person.


More than merely a religious tradition or a source of ethnic nationalism, Jewish wisdom is an ever-growing and ever-evolving, many-millennia old chain of transmission seeking to find and create meaning in an always changing world. Justin's offerings are available to all people interested in being inspired by the wisdom of the ancestors in supporting our efforts in transforming the world and building communities grounded in equity, justice, and compassion.


What people say about Justin's teaching

"Justin is a remarkable teacher. He effortlessly constructs a comfortable environment and encourages learning through co-creation and discussion. What more could you ask for in a teacher!" Dylan F.

"No one else talks about Jewish agricultural torah like Justin does. He teaches points of view and insights I've never found anywhere else. If you are Jewish and a farmer, Justin's classes will make your whole life richer." Alex K.

"If you'd like to learn from or with Justin be ready to have your preconceptions nudged and expanded in all the right ways for the sake of learning. He's the type of teacher you can tell is brimming with knowledge but doesn't think they know everything. Someone who has taken many paths and is willing to see the downfalls and merits of all of them. Curiosity is at the center and will be your guide, Justin is merely curiosity's companion." Gwyneth K.

"Justin was a champ at leading us through the hefty text graciously. There’s something so exquisitely fun about diving into Jewish texts with folks who’ve threshed wheat, harvested olives, planted seeds, etc, I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to join something similar." Elisa

"Justin is an exquisite and lucid teacher, who expresses concepts beautifully and with full sensitivity for the various knowledge levels in his audience. Thoughtful, well organized and highly expressive classes are the norm, with full fealty to the deep knowledge he has of the Jewish tradition and how it might be applied currently. Don't forgo the chance to know him better! An enriching and lovely experience." Elie A.

"Justin's ability to reveal obscure ideas in texts is matched by an enthusiasm that encourages deeper curiosity." Ken V.