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Grounding Wisdom is your resource for relevant ancestral Jewish wisdom adapted for our current day. Jewish culture and wisdom is imbued with concepts and practices which can encourage thriving and flourishing in any person's life. Endowed with a rich history of survival, Jewish wisdom can help a person learn to adapt and evolve to an ever changing world while maintaining a connection to the past that helps us ground our personal lives in an ancient transmission of wisdom that maintains its relevance in every generation because of its ability to adapt.

Justin Goldstein is an inspirational and passionate teacher with a unique ability to make ancient wisdom relevant to our lives today. Utilizing his years of experience, Justin incorporates ancestral Jewish agricultural, mystical wisdom, positive psychology, and more, to help any individual find meaning and direction in today's world.

Through Grounding Wisdom you will find courses of study for individuals, online and in person educational offerings for your community, a rich abundance of text study guides giving you access to millennia of Jewish wisdom, and opportunities to engage in one-on-one programs of personal and spiritual growth.
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